SAP Concur becomes
CFOs’ best mate

With a comprehensive research and content programme, SAP Concur builds a strategic friendship inside the C-suite.
SAP Concur
March 2024
Brand Campaign

The change to provoke

SAP Concur recognised that their core audience was changing. Business travel managers and heads of HR were not the primary decision-makers for purchasing their products anymore, but CFOs, whose remit and responsibilities have been exponentially increasing.

Our strategy was to bridge the gap between SAP Concur and CFOs by showing this new audience how SAP Concur understands their evolving role and can help them navigate the challenges inherent in this transition.

The story that provoked it

As we observed the CFO audience, one truth emerged: CFOs are quite isolated. Sitting at the very top of their industry, they often lack peers to share experiences with. We needed to give CFOs an opportunity to know what other CFOs think, feel and do. So, we developed a comprehensive research and content program called CFO Insights.

By surveying 300 CFOs every 6 months, we delved deeply into their mindset, analysing their opportunities, challenges, and key concerns. The programme provided finance executives valuable and targeted insights, demonstrating SAP Concur's close alignment with them and showcasing the company's deep understanding of their evolving roles and responsibilities.

We gave CFOs an opportunity to know what other CFOs think, feel and do

The impact

The CFO Insights program generated $5.6 million in attributed pipeline and facilitated engagements with 14 top-tier CFOs. The initiative not only provided SAP Concur with a platform for ongoing audience engagement but also solidified the brand's position as a thought leader in the market.
"The SAP Concur team are all excited by the goldmine of data that this research programme has uncovered"

Global Marketing Director