LSEG Refinitiv gets junior bankers to fall back in love with their jobs

With a research and thought leadership programme, Refinitiv changes the face of the industry to reignite the passion of tomorrow’s finance leaders.






Research Campaign

The change to provoke

Refinitiv, an LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group) business, faced a clear challenge: to market its financial analysis platform Workspace more effectively and achieve greater penetration in investment banks, closing the gap with its main competitor, Bloomberg Terminal. Instead of tackling Bloomberg head-on, Refinitiv aimed to carve out a unique segment of the market—junior bankers. As future leaders and key influencers, junior bankers made sound strategic sense but most critically research showed they are not as unconditionally committed to Bloomberg as their senior counterparts. 

However, the challenge was generating engagement with a cohort disengaged with the profession itself, as evidenced by many quitting due to the long hours and monotonous tasks. We flipped this challenge on its head and developed a proposition in direct response to this disillusionment. Our strategy was to position the brand as allies of junior bankers and Workspace as the tool that could transform the industry by removing the admin burden and making their jobs as creative and fulfilling as they desire.

The story that provoked it

Landing  this message needed us to show we understood junior bankers and appreciated their frustrations and aspirations. To do this, we surveyed junior bankers providing us with a quantifiable picture of their attitudes and sentiment. Key insights like the unfulfilled ambition to use coding languages like Python were leveraged to create compelling and relatable stories about how Workspace could enable junior bankers to become the architects of more advanced ways of working and rekindle their passion for the profession.

The stories were brought together in a report and content series titled "Workspace Without Limits," emphasising the limitless potential junior bankers can unleash with Refinitiv and the industry change it drives. This initiative showcased Refinitiv's commitment to empowering junior bankers and driving smarter financial decision-making across the industry, highlighting their leadership in the data and financial tech space.

“Workspace Without Limits” emphasises the limitless potential junior bankers can unleash with Refinitiv and the industry change it drives.

The impact

The "Workflow Without Limits" campaign garnered substantial attention, resulting in 14,000 unique visits, 962 report downloads, and 2,490 form completions on Some of this attention came from top-tier companies such as Accenture, ANZ Banking Group, Bain & Company, Bank of America, Barclays, BNY Mellon, HSBC, ING, KPMG, Morgan Stanley, Pantheon Investments, Saxo Bank, and Société Générale, establishing LSEG and Refinitiv as pioneers in innovative data, financial technology, and workflow solutions.

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