IG Prime starts a revolution
in the hedge fund industry

With an integrated campaign, IG Prime repositions themselves as the champion of emerging hedge fund managers, fighting by their side against the unfair barriers blocking their progress.


IG Prime




Brand Campaign
NO stamp in red text

The change to provoke

IG Prime's future faced a significant challenge: its history. The retail heritage of the IG master brand deterred the B2B audience, leading to much lower market penetration than desired. To relaunch the brand, we needed to identify an audience that could match its offering. Market segmentation revealed a huge opportunity among emerging hedge fund managers. Our strategy was to reposition IG Prime as their undisputable champion.

The story that provoked it

Research showed that emerging hedge fund managers are insatiably ambitious. But these ambitions are often stifled when it comes to finding a prime brokerage willing to work with them, as many consider them simply too small. We tapped into this human truth and relaunched IG Prime as the revolutionary prime brokerage that offers them the same opportunities available to the more established players, creating a meritocracy in a highly elitist industry. 

Anchoring our creative in the insurrectionary  power of 'no', IG Prime rejected the five key barriers emerging hedge fund managers face, pledging to be "a different kind of prime brokerage" that will give them a fair shot at making their name in the industry.

We grounded our creative in the revolutionary
power of a single word: 'no'.

The impact