Ciklum empowers IT leaders
to Never Stand Still

With a dynamic rebrand, Ciklum steps up as the strategic partner for continuous progress in digital transformation.




September 2021


Ciklum Brand Guidelines

The change to provoke

Despite specialising in enabling digital transformation for household names in retail and online gaming, Ciklum faced a massive perception issue: they were seen merely as a talent augmentation company rather than a strategic transformation partner.

To transcend this narrow view and offer higher value-added services to C-Suite customers, they needed a rebrand that would elevate their image and showcase their true potential as a key player in strategic digital transformation.
Ciklum tone of voice example on a black IPad displaying 
"Never Stand Still"

The story that provoked it

In the relentless race of the digital economy, IT decision-makers face immense pressure to keep pace with evolving technology. Falling behind threatens their company's competitiveness, security, and future. To ensure their business's survival and their own careers, they must continuously drive forward. We positioned Ciklum as the indispensable partner that propels IT decision-makers toward perpetual progress, promising that with Ciklum by their side, they will "Never Stand Still."

We positioned Ciklum as the partner that propels customers towards perpetual progress, redefining industries and ushering in the experiences of tomorrow.

The impact

Three years after the rebrand, the results have been transformative. Ciklum secured two target accounts within the first four weeks of the campaign, and this initial success set the stage for sustained growth. Since the rebrand in 2021, Ciklum has been able to make significant progress towards becoming a digital transformation partner.

Average project value has increased >50%, transformation projects as percentage of total revenue has trebled and new markets have been penetrated, including the strategically important high-tech sector. Furthermore the new proposition has created strategic alignment between marketing and sales, contributing to a 30% increase in lead generation and a 25% boost in conversion rates.

In numbers


increase in average project value


Increase in lead generation


boost in conversion rates