Ingenious solutions to complex B2B marketing problems.
We move marketing forward, guaranteed.

    We are a full-service B2B marketing agency specialising in Tech, FS + Professional Services. Our unique approach as an agency comes from our heritage as journalists. Through Raconteur, we have led the way when it comes to creating content that changes how senior B2B business decision-makers think. Journalism is in our DNA.

    Our journalistic approach enables us to interrogate and connect ideas, data, audience insight and sector expertise. This ensures we develop marketing programmes that solve the real marketing problems and deliver ROI, guaranteed.

    • A journalistic approach
    • Data driven storytelling
    • Sector expertise
    • Imaginative ideas
    • C-Suite insight
    • Measurable results

Our capabilities

    Our marketing strategy offering is audience-centric.

    We help brands better understand their customers / clients, build frameworks for engaging them and plan marketing programmes to convert them.

    To us, branding and design is as much about function as form.

    The work we do for clients is based on a forensic understanding of what needs to be achieved. This guarantees that the brands we build and the designs we create are visually arresting and high performing.

    Our focus is always on discovery and advancing understanding.

    We take a journalistic approach to research. Using qualitative and quantitative methodologies, we help brands uncover findings that position them at the forefront of their industries.

    Telling phenomenal B2B stories is a fundamental part of who we are.

    We combine imaginative ideas and data science with an unparalleled network of FS and Tech journalists. This enables us to create content and creative that captivates B2B audiences. From editorial reports to infographics, our content delivers results, guaranteed.

    Digital is not purely a means of delivery it’s an essential part of the experience.

    We take an integrated approach to digital marketing and development. This means that our marketing solutions have digital at their core.

    Our philosophy is that every marketing activity must deliver results.

    We have built a team of campaign managers that are expert in planning and running paid, owned and earned campaigns, across print and digital. We guarantee results, whether your objectives are awareness, lead generation or nurture.

What’s in a name?

    Our agency is inspired by one of the greatest problem solvers and innovative thinkers of all time: Alan Turing.

    Truly great problem solving requires the re-imagination of what’s possible. The ingenuity to see connections invisible to others. The perfect balance between intuition and logic.

    Think of alan. as your problem solving muse.

Our clients

Let’s solve B2B marketing.

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