Brand Transformation for Digital Information

Provocative Truth

Unrelenting pace of change and innovation is a fundamental reality for IT decision makers.


In the world we live in, it’s never just business; people invest in a product or service because they believe in the brand.

Ciklum specialises in enabling digital transformation for household names and platforms. 

Problem is, they were seen as a talent augmentation outfit and not a strategic partner and not an authentic brand with genuine meaning. 

We needed to define who they were with a unifying business vision & mission and take the new brand to market with maximum impact.


We developed the Ciklum brand house to act as a central source of truth for the company’s strategy, beliefs and position.

  • Ethos: Never Stand Still.

  • Vision: Engineer technology that redefines industries and shapes the way we live.

  • Purpose: Empower Ciklum employees and clients to exceed their potential and pursue the extraordinary.

  • Mission: Ensure our clients win every day through relentless improvement.

  • Value proposition: Product engineering and digital services that exceed tomorrow’s expectations.

Along with distinctive visual identity that emphasised the business's energy and kinetic nature, Ciklum finally had a brand that provoked an emotional response and inspired belief.

Ready to provoke the truth?

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