The true difference between B2B and B2C

In episode 14 of B2B Marketing: The Provocative Truth, Benedict sits down with Nina Reschovsky, B2B Marketing Lead UK at Uber to discuss the differences between B2B and B2C, and how experience in a start-up can inform working for a large corporation.

Episode 14: The truth difference between B2B and B2C

It has become increasingly less important to make a strong distinction between B2B and B2C marketing, because ultimately, as marketers, we all are trying to reach that emotional connection with people, regardless of if they are a consumer or a business-decision maker. When taking experience from a start-up into a larger corporation, previous skills with agility and adaptability help marketers to move various industries into this new, people-focused approach to marketing that has emerged.

People are people wherever they are. Whether they're at their office... on these traditional sort of B2B channels or otherwise. If your marketing campaign is good enough to evoke some emotion, it doesn't matter where they see it. They're still going to remember it

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