The power of provocation report: The research special

In this special edition of B2B Marketing: The Provocative Truth, Benedict sits down with the team at alan. to discuss their new report, ‘The Power of Provocation’.

Special episode - The Power of Provocation Report: Research Special

In 2017, business decision-makers fired a warning shot when 71% voiced their discontent. Five years, on the mob is angry. This year, 82% chastised B2B marketing as boring, predictable, repetitive. Frustration is boiling over.

Through research conducted by alan, we argue for marketers to make B2B electrifying, deeply moving, and we show what needs to be done in our report ‘The Power of Provocation’. The mandate for change is clear. A bolder B2B is there for the taking. You just need to decide if you’re up for the fight.

Our panel for this special episode includes Josh Cohen, alan’s Senior Research & Intelligence Manager, Daniele Pulega, alan’s Creative Director, and Chris Illman, alan’s Head of Strategy.

Download the research report HERE.

Everyone has been talking about B2B being more emotional, but it doesn’t mean just to really add a sprinkle of a feeling. It needs to be more than that.” - Daniele Pulega

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