No More Excuses

In this special episode of B2B Marketing: The Provocative Truth, Benedict sits down with Aiden Scusa, Chief Excuse Officer at EXYT (EXcuse Yourself Today) to chat, but more so debate whether his philosophy of making excuses is still a viable option for B2B marketers.

For years, B2B marketers have made excuses. “The industry is too conservative”, “CEOs don't believe in brand-building”, “lack of budget” and “lack of creative talent” have all been the go-to reasons for the industry to justify their mediocre marketing.

Aiden’s argument is that B2B marketers don’t need to take responsibility and rise to the challenge of visceral communication, they just need bigger, better, bolder excuses.

But Aiden is wrong.

Watch as CCO Benedict Buckland calls out Aiden and excuse-making B2B marketers in our most controversial episode yet.

Read more as Benedict Buckland argues in our latest article that B2B marketers can no longer deflect the blame for the industry's lifelessness, it's time to stand up and be counted. Read the article here.

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