Global Investor Study.

Innovating global benchmark for retail investing

Provocative Truth

To optimise your user-experience, content must be useable, finadable and accessible.


Creating valuable content for engaged audience is one thing; making that content easy to digest for end-user takes talent. 

Since 2017, we’ve been working with Schroders to create the Global Investor Study and an annual Global marketing campaign built on study of 23,950 investors. 

Report distributed three times/year, in three different multi-media campaigns, across 33 locations.


Ditching the tired, traditional PDF for a digital format, our creative design pushed boundaries of sector, while maintaining the GIS look and feel to keep credibility of well-established, annual research programme.

Navigation helped users avoid ‘click regret’, allowing flexible user journey and the dynamic data visualisation invited users to dig into various aspects of research from one place. 

The full report enjoyed an interactive refresh and moves towards a mobile-optimised format.

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