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KPMG wanted to become “famous for customer insights”. 

The firm could see that consumer behaviour was changing rapidly. Businesses were struggling to adapt as they didn’t have a framework to evaluate and understand their customers’ new decision-making.

To guide clients through this change, KPMG launched an ambitious research project to provide businesses with a new way of thinking about consumer decisions.

The task: how to translate a project of this scale into an effective marketing activity.

Problem. Solved.

We proposed a multichannel marketing campaign centred around a seminal research report.  

The challenge was pulling together the multiple research streams. These ranged from ethnography to a 10,000 respondent consumer survey to interviews with Fortune 500 industry CEOs. Creating a coherent narrative required us to combine structure and KPIs with the ability to collaborate and work iteratively.

'Me, my life, my wallet' wouldn’t be what it is if we didn’t have alan. From a visual sense, from a story sense, from a strategy sense, they were a key partner to us.

Global Customer Insights Programme Director, KPMG


We created ‘Me, my life, my wallet’, a 96-page report engineered to drive fame through tier-1 global media coverage. The research based editorial and analysis were instrumental in establishing KPMG’s credibility in the customer insights space.

To enable KPMG with further campaigns, we developed audience profiles and audited the wider content landscape. This showed them how content could be tailored to their target audience and where the white space opportunities lay.

The report was supported by a series of assets to help promote and extend reach, including:

  • digital content
  • animated data visualisations
  • a video exploring the report’s core thesis
  • high profile distribution opportunities
  • a two-page opinion piece in Raconteur’s ‘Future Customer’ special report, published in The Times

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