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Building credibility through research

We were blown over by the sheer visual impact of the designs they came up with. We’d been writing for a long time, but had never managed to make ourselves truly memorable.

Deborah Ishihara, Legal Product Development Manager, Ius Laboris


Ius Laboris wanted to increase engagement with their client base and expand credibility within the sector. Traditionally viewed as local HR experts, they needed to reposition themselves as global thought leaders with far reaching expertise.

They needed to differentiate from competitors - and speak with conviction on popular but pertinent topics.

Problem. Solved.

Key to achieving their objectives was providing insights on the interplay between real world events and employment law. 

We identified proprietary research as an effective tool to achieve this. The data from the research enabled Ius Laboris to offer additive insight and build credibility as a thought leader in the HR space.

We translated the data findings into a visually engaging, high-end editorial execution. This was integral to the success of the campaign as it ensured the brand was differentiated and viewed as premium.

The great design has propelled our legal HR content into a new league, ahead of anything anyone else is doing in our space in the world.

Sam Everatt, Executive Director, Ius Laboris


A campaign identity and design aesthetic was developed to complement and disrupt the Ius Laboris brand. This helped distinguish the content from that already in the market. 

Through the delivery of unique insights via their research, Ius Laboris was positioned as a market leader. The report helped enhance the brand’s credibility and provide critical analysis and commentary.  

2,000+ copies of the first edition of the report were printed in a high spec finish and shared at a global event and at client meetings. 

All assets of the report were digitally optimised and used by the brand on their social platforms. 


A hero 52-page report was created including:

  • 15,000 words of commissioned content
  • three double page spread infographic dashboards
  • bespoke illustration
  • data visualisation
  • editorial photography throughout

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