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Creating a true disruptor brand

This is what you get when you do things the right way. It’s creative with substance, really smart creative. It's beyond just a brand agency.

Hadas Hughes, VP Global Marketing & Comms, Exclusive Networks


Exclusive Networks needed to create a brand for a new on-demand platform. The new brand had to reflect the disruptive potential of the platform and confirm the company as pioneers of innovation. It needed to have impact.

The task: create a brand that disrupts the industry and puts Exclusive Networks at the bleeding edge of technology distribution.

Problem. Solved.

To achieve the level of impact required, we challenged the brief. Our assessment concluded that success required us to go beyond the visual identity. Creating a truly powerful brand demanded that we redefine the name and re-engineer the brand proposition.

Using qualitative - quantitative research and marketing analysis, we built a full brand framework. This ensured that our creative articulation of the brand was based on robust insight and strategic thinking.

The team at alan. thought about it holistically. They looked at the detail of what we wanted to achieve from a product perspective and were able to bring it into the discussion and be quite forceful. This direction very much supported our thinking process. The approach of basing decisions on insights rather than instinct was what we were looking for. The ability to interpret what we were saying and take it to another level, was the cherry on top.

Hadas Hughes, VP Global Marketing & Comms, Exclusive Networks


We delivered a complete brand: X-OD.

X-OD is visually impactful but critically it is underpinned by a sophisticated design system and a coherent narrative. The rigour behind the creative has ensured the brand has clarity and stands up to scrutiny. This has empowered the marketing department at Exclusive Networks and catalysed a new way of thinking about brand.

X-OD has also received acclaim from their target audience and ensured that the “right tone is set when [Exclusive Networks] open commercial conversations”.

To make X-OD a reality, we created a full portfolio of brand assets, including:

  • name
  • logo
  • value proposition
  • brand narrative (purpose - promise - behaviours)
  • visual identity
  • tone of voice guidelines
  • brand guidelines
  • design assets

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