A Very Provocative Christmas Special: Part 1

In this special holiday edition of B2B Marketing: The Provocative Truth, Benedict invites Barney O’Kelly and Komal Thadani to discuss and look back at the most provocative truths in B2B Marketing for 2022.

Special Episode: A very provocative Christmas special: Part 1

Looking back at B2B Marketing in 2022, it’s evident that we’ve made a lot of progress, but there’s still more to do. According to alan.’s research, 82% of business decision makers still think B2B is boring and predictable. However, we also know that the appetite for change is much greater than it has been in previous years. The same study found 88% of business decision makers want a bolder and contrarian approach to B2B marketing. So what can we learn from the previous year that will propel us into a bright new future?

In B2B, the sales cycle is that much longer. You're influencing those deals. And how do you attribute to marketing [having] contributed to that particular revenue? Because of that, everything that you do needs to be bold. - Komal Thadani

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